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Club Games at the Lima Duplicate Bridge Club are held TUESDAYS at 12:30 P.M. and THURSDAYS at 7:00 P.M., at the Council on Aging Building at 215 N. Central Avenue, Lima. The games are OPEN to the public, and ALL are welcome. $3.oo per session is the CHEAPEST duplicate game in the area, and sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. The Lima DBC is your venue for special ACBL events, as well.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Bad or Lebensohl

Leah was playing online at bridge base with the "robots."  http://www.bridgebase.com/

This is a really good site to practice your game, whether it be with "robots" or real people, or even with practice programs.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Back to Par

Someone once said that the key difference between an expert and a beginner is not just in finding great plays but also in knowing how to get back to average after guessing wrong.  A case in point from last night's club game.

Dummy: AQ109x-Jxx-AQ10-xx
Declarer: Kx-AK98-xx-AKxxx

Declarer opened 1NT (15-17) and heard a 2D transfer overcall (hearts).  Partner bid 2H (transfer), and the contract ended in 4S.  LHO made the opening lead of a small heart.

If LHO has six heart, Declarer cannot guess wrong.  If LHO started with only Q10xxx, Declarer cannot guess wrong.  If Delcarer is missing the Queen or 10, there is a guess, but surely LHO did not have 10xxxx, right?

Declarer popped Jack, covered by the stiff Queen!  Bad luck!

Now, Declarer knows that he is down one trick to the field, because no one else is getting that heart call.  So, what to do?

First, find the spade Jack.  Because RHO has one heart and LHO has five, RHO has 12 cards that are not hearts to LHO having only 7 non-hearts.  Thus, the odds favor RHO having the spade Jack, and a 4-2 split is very possible.  So, Declarer went to dummy with a diamond finesse (working) and played the spade 10, winning.  Another spade then went to the King.

Now what?

There is an easy entry to dummy with the diamond, but then diamonds are wide open.  So, Declarer decided to play RHO for at least three clubs and tried to ruff out the clubs.  When the club Ace was played, LHO pitched a diamond!

What is going on here?  RHO had the feared four spades, plus only one heart.  Furthermore, RHO obviously started with all six remaining clubs.  That leaves RHO with only two diamonds.  Thus, only LHO (now known to have started with 2-5-6-0 pattern) can protect diamonds and hearts!

Declarer has already taken one diamond, one heart, two spades, and one club, for 5 tricks.  Of the remaining 8 cards, Declarer can win one more club, one more diamond, three more spades, and one more heart, for six tricks.  That leaves two for the opponents.  A typical two-suit squeeze (diamonds and hearts) works when the opponents have only one more trick to take (and you squeeze them out of that trick).  Thus, Declarer needs to "rectify the count" by losing that one trick early, while he still has control.

Declarer also needs to lose that trick in a way that does not snip communications or throw away a menace.  The easy route should be obvious.  Declarer cashed the second top club and then played a third club, ditching a heart to allow RHO to win the third club (to her shock).  RHO tried her best by returning a diamond (as she had no heart left to snip communications).  Declarer won this on dummy and pulled trumps.

The last two cards, then, were a small heart on dummy, plus a diamond, with Declarer holding the Ace and another heart.  LHO had to save the diamond King to beat dummy's diamond, because RHO was out.  LHO also needed to save two hearts, to protect his 10.  But, that's three cards, and he only gets to keep two.  In the end, he parted with the second heart, allowing Declarer to win two hearts at the end, for +480 and back to average.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did you work them out?

There were two "problems" in the article about Stayman responses, involving slam making.  Did you figure out how?

The first noted that you MIGHT have a slam (might take 12 tricks) opposite a 1NT opener when holding AQxxx-x-Qxxxx-xx, after partner shopws four spades.

Gove partner Kxxx-xxx-AKJx-Ax.  You can see an easy route to 11 tricks (five spades, five diamonds, and the club Ace).  The 12th comes from a club ruff (pitch one of Opener's clubs on the 5th diamond)!

The second noted a probable making slam with
AQx-xxx-Ax-AQxxx opposite

Suppose the opponent lead the best lead -- a trump.  Win the King and lead a heart.  Suppose they win and lead another trump.  Win the Queen and ruff a heart.  Cross to the diamond Ace and ruff another heart.  Cross again to the spade Ace and pull the last trump.  If trumps split no worse than 3-1, and if no one has a void in spades or diamonds (or a stiff if they find that lead), and if no one has only two hearts, all fair bets, then you end up with five clubs, two heart ruffs, three spades, and two diamonds, for 12 tricks, and the opponents only get that one heart trick!

December Newsletter is Up!

Featured this month are Tom and Jean's wedding, more about the special party for Dave Poeppelman's LM achievement, Bridge Tips, the Bickersons, and the first of a new series on Notrump Structure!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lima New Players Game!

On December 9, 2010, Thursday Night at 7:15, the Lima Duplicate Bridge Club will be hosting a special event to celebrate Dave Poeppelman becoming a "Life Master" with the American Contract Bridge League.  The special event is designed to encourage new bridge players and bridge players new to duplicate, or those who have not played bridge for a while, to try out the game we all love at our club.

Any "new player" will play for free.  Any regular player who brings a new player to that game will also play for free!  How can that be bad?  There will also be lots of food and fun for all.

By the way, any dupicate "novice" will "Get Out of Jail Free!"  Meaning, there will be NO PENALTIES and NO DIRECTOR CALLS for anything done by a novice.  So, no reason to fear this game, eh?

For the regulars, you may be worried that a novice will get the best of you.  First, is that all bad?  Wouldn't you love a big game next week?  Besides, what kind of a "regular pro" are you if the novices get the bgest of you anyway?  LOL

Monday, November 15, 2010

November ACBL Bulletin

You might remember something from the ACBL Bulletin this November.  Zeke Jabbour's article mentions a ruse of leading Q from AQx at the Kxx in dummy, catching partner with Jxx and Declarer with 10xx.  This worked like a charm against Zeke, for reasons he explained.

Well, in the September "Bridge with the Bickersons," I described trying this very move a few years ago.  I, however, caught partner with 10xx and Declarer with Jxx, which did not work as well.  Typical.  Someone makes that move SUCCESSFULLY again Zeke and ends up in the Bulletin.  I make that move against someone else, it fails, and all I end up with is a lack of sympathy from my partner and a "Bickersons" mention years later!  Pfff!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Congratulations Tom and Jean Kaple!

Tom and Jean Kaple will be celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary with a renewal of their vows on Saturday, November 13, between 2:00 and 5:00 at the Westside Church in Lima.  All Lima DBC folks are invited!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Newsletter

The November Newsletter is now up.  Check out pics from Ruth's party, a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of LIFE MASTER accomplishment for Dave, and your favorite regular articles!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Surprises

The October Newsletter is now up.  This month's Newsletter is 13 pages long!  Lots of good stuff.  Make sure to check it out.

Also, the World Bridge Series is underway in Philadelphia.  Bulletins for each day can be found at http://www.worldbridge.org/tourn/Philadelphia.10/Bulletins.htm.  Also, check for blog posts by Ken Rexford as he posts his thoughts at http://www.cuebiddingatbridge.blogspot.com/, which is a "feed" to this site and can be found in the "articles" listing.

In today's WBS Bulletin, you can see that Laurie and John Kranyak, of Cleveland, friends of some Lima DBC players and perhaps known to many others, ar leading the World Mixed Pairs after one day by a whopping 66%, second being currently at 61%!  Go Ohio State!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Depends on Who You Play Against

Bob and Tom had a 94% game on the last Thursday of September, EXCEPT when they met Jan and Leah.  Jan and Leah ended up with four tops and one average, reducing Bob and Tom to the paltry score of 77%.  On the other hand, Jan and Leah had a 90% game against Bob and Tom but were unable to score better than a total of 50% for the event, meaning that the same field that Bob and Tom beat up ended up beating up Jan and Leah mercilessly.

Not sure what to read into this development.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lima Bridge Bash

It's too late, now!  On Saturday, August 21, 2010, Ken Eichenbaum, a professional bridge player, lecturer, author, and mentor, came to Lima, providing a unique SPECIAL TEACHING EVENT for the Lima bridge community.

Ken Eichenbaum brought copies of his prize-winning novel, "Bridge Without A Partner," which is still available for purchase (as well as other books by Ken Eichenbaum -- see http://www.kensclubbridge.blogspot.com/ for details). As a SPECIAL GIFT, all those who attended the "Saturday Bash" were sent a FREE copy of his latest ebook, "Winners Losers and Cover Cards." Also, the game featured $CASH PRIZES$ for first place each direction! How can you do better than that?

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Design

Because we have added links to the Newsletter editions (on the left side of the page), the website will not carry a "web version" as it has been to date.  These have been somewhat ugly, with formatting lost, anyway.  Plus, they are so long that the goodies at the bottom are missed, or a pain to get to.

If anyone wants the old style back, let us know.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Welcome to the Lima Duplicate Bridge Club Blog

Each month, you will be able to find the monthly Newsletter posted on this blog.  In the future, if you are looking for an older issue, just check the "Newletter Library" section out, as well.

You will also notice a "links" section, with easy links to various bridge websites, like the ACBL or MVBA.  Check these out!

We will also be posting a calendar of events on this site, and other postings may also pop up from time to time.  We hope you enjoy this.