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Club Games at the Lima Duplicate Bridge Club are held TUESDAYS at 12:30 P.M. and THURSDAYS at 7:00 P.M., at the Council on Aging Building at 215 N. Central Avenue, Lima. The games are OPEN to the public, and ALL are welcome. $3.oo per session is the CHEAPEST duplicate game in the area, and sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League. The Lima DBC is your venue for special ACBL events, as well.

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If you do not have a partner, or if you have any questions,

please feel free to email the Club Owner/Director, Ruth Odenweller, at: 07bridge@gmail.com.


Friday, February 25, 2011

March 2011 is Up

See the March 2011 in the Newsletter Library!  The hyperlinks are working, but the quick jumping in the table of contents seems to only work if you are on the mailing list or if you download the pdf onto your computer.

Also, we have added "Free Ebooks" to the left of this screen, as well.  You will find all of Ruth's 2010 Bridge Tips in one "mini ebook" format.  Also available are the 2010 Bickersons on Bridge articles and the 2010 series on Two Over One Game Force.  These are free to anyone interested.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Upcoming Newsletter -- New Features!

The PDF/online version of the Newsletter will have a few new features starting next month.

First, there will be an interactive Table of Contents on Page Two.  If you want to jump to a specific article, simply "click" your mouse on the article, and you will jump right there.

Second, there will be embedded links.  For example, if you read in an article the term "Losing Trick Count" and want to know more about that, you may well be able to click that term and be taken on your computer to an internet site with an article about that topic.  The same thing might be available for linking to older Newsletters, to tournament information, and the like.  Some will be informative, but some will also be just silliness -- my sense of humor popping out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow Up to Newsletter Article

In this month's Newletter, there was a discussion about showing 5-5 in the majors.  I indicated a more complicated manner of handling 5-5's briefly.  Here's more on that topic, with my recommendations on how to continue in the auction.  There are sexier methods available (and I have played them), but what follows is workable and easier.

The idea, as I noted, was to bid 3D (1NT-P-3D) with 5-5 in the majors and just about any strength (invitational+).  Opener then responds as follows:

3H or 3S = weak, suggesting playing here.  Responder might respect that and pass with a weak hand.  With enough for game, Responder will typically raise to game (or bid 3NT to give Opener a choice).  With slam interest despite this bad news (Responder is allowed to have a really big hand), Responder can move toward slam by bidding shortness.

4H or 4S = enough for game, but not really slammish.  Responder can ask for Aces (4NT) or bid shortness as a slam move.

4C (hearts) or 4D (spades) = slammish hands.  Good controls and fits.

3NT = special.  3-card fit for both suits, plus extras.  Responder can again bid shortness with slam interest.

I also mentioned that this 3D call allows a few other neat calls.  These include the following:

3C as Puppet Stayman.  1NT-P-3C asks Opener for 5-card majors.  With none, Opener bids 3NT, or 3D if he has one or noth 4-card majors.  Responder, after 3D, can then suggest either 4-card major by bidding the other one.  Thus, 3S shows hearts, 3H shows spades.  Responder need not get any sexier than that, because he will not have bnoth 4-card majors -- he would bid 2C normal stayman with that.  So, Responder's 3C either shows 4-3 or 3-4 in the majors, or just one or both 3-card majors.

3H or 3S (1NT-P-3H or 1NT-P-3S) as showing 3-1 (or 1-3) in the majors, with 4-5 or 5-4 in the minors, game-forcing.  This call is designed to (1) find a 5-3 major fit if it exists, (2) avoid 3NT if the stiff major is not covered, or (3) find a nice minor-suit slam.  Whether to b id the 3-card major or to bid the stiff major is negotiable with partner.  This is game-forcing, so Opener will bid (a) 3NT if he has the stiff covered, (b) four of the 3-card major with a fit (could be a 4-3 fit), (c) 5C or 5D to play, (d) 4C or 4D with slam interest, or (e) the OTHER MAJOR with slam interest and a fit for the 3-card major.