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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did you work them out?

There were two "problems" in the article about Stayman responses, involving slam making.  Did you figure out how?

The first noted that you MIGHT have a slam (might take 12 tricks) opposite a 1NT opener when holding AQxxx-x-Qxxxx-xx, after partner shopws four spades.

Gove partner Kxxx-xxx-AKJx-Ax.  You can see an easy route to 11 tricks (five spades, five diamonds, and the club Ace).  The 12th comes from a club ruff (pitch one of Opener's clubs on the 5th diamond)!

The second noted a probable making slam with
AQx-xxx-Ax-AQxxx opposite

Suppose the opponent lead the best lead -- a trump.  Win the King and lead a heart.  Suppose they win and lead another trump.  Win the Queen and ruff a heart.  Cross to the diamond Ace and ruff another heart.  Cross again to the spade Ace and pull the last trump.  If trumps split no worse than 3-1, and if no one has a void in spades or diamonds (or a stiff if they find that lead), and if no one has only two hearts, all fair bets, then you end up with five clubs, two heart ruffs, three spades, and two diamonds, for 12 tricks, and the opponents only get that one heart trick!

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